The Association of Foreign Correspondents in the USA
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Our mission.

The AFC United States serves the purposes below:

  1. Creating and developing workshops, conferences, seminars, programs, educational material and other relevant initiatives that serve the needs of international correspondents based in the United States.  Using these resources, they will be able to obtain a deeper knowledge of contemporary affairs to enhance their independent and unbiased reporting and coverage.

  2. Expanding the professionalism of international correspondents through collaboration with other nonprofit organizations, relevant private sector groups, international bodies, nongovernmental organizations, and educational programs.

  3. Providing scholarships and grants to foreign correspondents who study, work and live in the United States under legal status.  To enhance their skills through the graduate level programs of U.S. based academic institutions in areas that are fundamental for their work as international journalists in a rapidly changing global media environment. Graduate level studies which will be considered for support include but are not restricted to journalism, media relations, communications, film, videography, photography, visual arts, history, finance, business administration, marketing, data, consumer and audience analytics.