impact through education

The Association of Foreign Correspondents in the United States provides annual scholarships to foreign journalists who are completing their Master's level studies in a U.S. based academic institution. 

Only students currently enrolled and who are professional journalists from any foreign country are eligible to apply for scholarships; they must be legally based as permanent residents or under a legal VISA status in the United States. 

The purpose of the annual scholarships is to motivate and financially assist foreign journalists who are currently in a master's level program of any U.S based academic University and College and through education advance their career prospects and enhance their skills in areas that are fundamental for their work as international journalists in a rapidly changing global media environment. 

Master's level studies which will be considered for support include BUT ARE NOT RESTRICTED to journalism, media relations, communications, film, videography, photography, visual arts, and other fields.

Recipients of our scholarships awards every year are being selected based on specific criteria that are required as part of their application. 

These criteria are:

1. The excellence of their professional work as foreign journalists: each applicant is required to submit three samples of her/his professional work that demonstrate her/his ability to report with accuracy and integrity. Applicants are required to have a minimum of three years of professional experience as journalists in any printed, online or broadcast media. 

2. The excellence of their academic work: each applicant is required to submit an essay of (1500 words) that addresses a diverse topic related to an international and public interest challenge question. Through this essay, each applicant must demonstrate her/his critical thinking. 

3. The excellence of her/his character: each applicant is required to submit three references from professional and/or academic supervisors who affirm her/his professionalism, her/his professional journalistic ethics, and her/his commitment to the field of her/his Master's level studies. 

4. Proof of eligibility to be under consideration for a scholarship award: each applicant must submit proof of her/his status in the United States as a foreigner (non American citizen) and of her/his official enrollment in a Master's level program of a U.S. based institution. 

The number and the level of scholarships is determined based on the level of funds raised through sponsorships and donations. 

All selected applicants/awardees during each year of their scholarship awards remain engaged with the organization and the officers of the organization who are dedicated to provide any mentorship or further professional support requested from the awardees in regards to advancing their careers. During this period, the student must comply with the ethical values inherent in their profession.